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Thank you for visiting us here at PetDocOnWheels.com.

We offer veterinary medical care for cats and dogs in the privacy of your own home. 

Our Pet Doc On Wheels home base is Pasadena, California but we will travel throughout the Los Angeles area. 

We provide the same, if not better, veterinary medical care that you find in a full service facility, with the exception that we can't do major anesthetic or surgical procedures in a home setting. If something more significant is necessary, we can refer you to a recommended facility.

Treatment at home usually involves less stress to your pet. There is also less chance for exposure to disease in your home. However, it is important to understand that a physical exam can carry its own stress for your pet. They don’t understand that what we do is for their own good. For them, a stranger is poking a prodding to see if anything is wrong. We can’t tell them “it’s for their own good” even though we know that it is. 

If you considering "in Home Euthanasia" click here.

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